Transportation Management

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Looking for an easy way to reduce unexpected LTL fees and charges? Include your product NMFC code in the product description on your Bill of Lading (BOL).
ShipTransportal is capable of savings ranging from 3% to 20% of a total freight spend. What would this percentage improvement mean for you business? Many small to mid-sized businesses lack the resources, network, or expertise to operate their own transportation management systems in an effective and efficient manner. The absence of a knowledgeable fulltime transportation executive can severely impact the amount of time, effort and money spent on supply chain management. ShipTransportal assists in filling this gap by providing critical logistics leadership for your organization. Our team of talented industry experts can address the challenges associated with any logistical issue and produce improved profit margins. Whether it’s on a part-time, interim or special project basis, ShipTransportal guarantees simplified and streamlined shipping solutions. By negotiating the best available contracts, providing superior tracking software, and selecting the most efficient means of shipping we are able to provide our clients with significant cost reductions vs. traditional approaches.

Operations Support and Execution

Planning and implementing an effective transportation plan can be an incredibly daunting task, especially for companies whose resources are spread too thin. ShipTransportal, as a 3PL provider, utilizes world-class systems and shipping management professionals to act as an extension of your team, providing superior freight management on a daily basis. For those companies that have fostered a strong carrier base and built relationships in the industry, ShipTransportal can assist in the management and evaluation of their rates and services. We can also help to provide capacity to accommodate your peak shipping demands. Our extensive network of carriers are carefully selected based on stringent requirements and safety ratings.


ShipTransportal works to address all the potential inefficiencies in your current distribution work, and conduct a critical assessment of your operational processes. This assessment includes but is not limited to: site selection, customer charge back, vendor management, total landed cost analysis for international freight, freight visibility, reporting/KPI’s, route building, cube utilization, mode selection, service selection, carrier selection, proper financial allocation for freight costs and impact to sales.


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How do you ensure that a critical shipment is delivered on time? Include your product NMFC code in the product description on your Bill of Lading (BOL).
ShipTransportal also helps clients develop an approach that balances and seeks to maximize the benefits of both contract and market rates. We will help ensure you are receiving the best possible rates and understand how to identify and prepare for future fluctuations. Transportation costs have become increasingly volatile in the last three years, while warehouse costs have remained relatively fixed. Distribution and warehousing costs typically run from 4% to 8% of sales. Meanwhile a small change in freight costs results in a large impact to your bottom line. ShipTransportal assists our clients in the design and implementation of a comprehensive transportation strategy to produce optimal solutions in shipping, storage, and distribution. We focus on all elements of constructing an effective transportation network including refining company procedures, increasing purchasing efficiencies, finding the best partnerships, and providing continued support services to our clients. We have helped design business processes and solutions for small, medium and large companies such as Continental Tire, BSN medical, FedEx, DHL, Ceva Logistics, Ford, SuperMedia and others.  We use the best practices learned from years of continuous improvement to identify and implement the best processes, systems, and solutions for all of our customers – no matter the size.

Logistics Services

World class people, processes and technology are in place at ShipTransportal to ensure your freight is moved on-time in the most cost efficient manner. Logistics services play a major role in the day-to-day operations of an organization, and establishing a competitive advantage in this area can result in significant benefits. ShipTransportal provides customized solutions for each of our clients to meet their specific logistical goals and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our transportation specialists are professionals who recognize that implementing the right logistical strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of their customers’ internal and external environments. We believe in offering personalized service from a centralized location. When our customers work with one of our specialists for the first time, they are immediately greeted with a level of professionalism that is rarely experienced but often desired. ShipTransportal utilizes a set of proprietary best in class processes, to ensure the highest standards are met, and customers are provided with the features they require. Whether this means provisioning private bid rooms, e-RFQ e-tendering, online visibility and dock scheduling, freight auditing, or anything else, we have the capabilities for any company to save on shipping and create an effective, widespread transportation network. ShipTransportal provides full service negotiations, contract management services and execution management (operations) for Full Truck-Load, Less than Truck-Load (LTL), Rail, Ocean, Parcel and Air freight movements. Learn how you can take advantage of our experienced operations team and leveraged contracts.


  • Truck Load – Dry and Temperate Controlled Selection/Execution
  • Rail Selection / Execution
  • Flat Bed – Selection / Execution
  • Partial Truck Load – Selection / Execution
  • Less-Than-Truck Load – Selection
  • Parcel – Selection
  • Air – Selection / Execution
  • Ocean – Selection / Execution
  • Cross Dock – Selection / Execution
  • Warehousing – Selection / Execution
  • Drayage – Selection / Execution

Back Office Services

  • Network Optimization
  • Freight Bill Audit and Pay
  • Contract Negotiations – all modes
  • Contract Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Vendor Management / Scorecards
  • Inbound Freight Management
  • Tracking – All modes
  • Customs – 10+2 and US Entry
  • Management
  • Claims
  • Customer Service