Self-Serve Transportation Management by ShipTransportal

Save Time. Drive Profits. Ship With Confidence!

A self-serve transportation management system (TMS) for companies that want to do more with their logistics planner(s), their carriers, and their contracts. The ready to use and fully integrated TMS is built on best practices and provides shipment visibility with robust reporting. Access to a fully licensed brokerage team and blanket rates are provided to support you at a moment’s notice.



Tip From the Experts

 Looking for an easy way to reduce unexpected LTL fees and charges? Include your product NMFC code in the product description on your Bill of Lading (BOL).

Customer Testimonials

Finding an expert in the transportation field to control the cost was critical to us. I would highly recommend Michael to any company looking to improve their transportation service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce their overall logistics costs.

Ric C VP Global Logistics
Global Medical Device Manufacturer

It is a pleasure to work with the Shiptransportal team. They supply excellent customer service and are always available to answer questions or track a shipment in a quick timely fashion. Thank you for all of your support.

Troy S. Director of Supply Chain
High Performance Fiber Company

“Great Successful Project”, “Great Documentation”, “Launched on Time”, “Web Based”, “Definitely up to date”, “Overall, Very Responsive”

Jevon C. Business Systems Analyst Manager
Leading Restaurant Supply Company

Once set up, Hands Off and Stress Free… Total add Value.

Katrina M. Warehouse Supervisor
Leading Restaurant Supply Company

Teresa looks into the Crystal Ball for me and help me plan the future. She is always there to help even when sometimes it is not even your load (INCO Terms). You have always been able to get us some last-minute load moves because everyone knows we have Customers that need product to keep their lines up and running overnight and weekends.

Mike M Receiving Coordinator
Specialty Fibers

“Fantastic company to work with”. “They are always on top of everything we ask for and I could not imagine anyone better nor could I ever accept anything less from anyone else”. “Proud to say that Teresa, really knows it all”!

Mitchell C. Inside Sales
Metals Supplier

ShipTransportal was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Every day I knew what was coming and what was not. I do look forward to dealing with again.

End Customer
Plastics Injection Molding Company

You are the best!!    That’s it…  Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate all you do and in my eyes, you are the best out there! 

Travis P Customer Service Rep
Spools and Reels

“Shiptransportal sin dudas es una de las mejores opciones que se pueden encontrar en el mercado Americano.”

EDUARDO V Senior Manager,
Global Freight Forwarder

“What can I say? Another Outstanding Year and Recipient of Supplier of Excellence.”

Carolyn M Logistics Coordinator,
Printed Product Distributor

“A true transportation management expert with a relentless focus on tangible and lasting results. Mike differentiates himself through a rare blend of superior day to day execution, keen strategic thinking, and truly bold ideas. These attributes are deeply embedded in Mike’s rapidly growing company.”

Steve K Senior Manager,
Top 5 Investment Bank

"On time deliveries + truthful communication + cost savings = a no brainer."

Dan B, Senior Manager,
Top 5 Investment Bank

Mike has deep expertise across logistics and transportation. And, he has a proven track record both operationally and in driving efficiencies."

Herman G. Senior Manager,
Major Consulting Firm