Employment Opportunities

ShipTransportal is committed to hiring quality people and maintaining a positive work environment. We encourage all of our employees to work closely with our customers to identify and implement solutions. We support all of our employees and strive to assist them in reaching their professional goals.

5 Top Reasons to Work at ShipTransportal:

1)    Opportunity – Getting in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company not only provides great financial opportunities, but also the opportunity to have a true impact on the business and industry.

2)    Empowerment – Whether your focus is in sales, marketing, operations or management, Shiptransportal embraces and supports its employees’ goals and objectives. We like employees who want to take the reins and run. For example, if you like marketing, come here and design and implement a marketing campaign. Where else can you get that kind of experience?

3)    Work Life Balance – We recognize that if you have no life outside of work, it is only a matter of time before you are not happy at work. Work hard, do your job, go home.

4)    Staying Power – We are growing fast in an otherwise shrinking economy.

5)    Community – We believe we have an on-going obligation to support our community. In 2010, we released our “Charity Moves” initiative to support customer selected charities and non-profits.

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