Agent Opportunities

ShipTransportal is seeking a limited number of talented Freight Agents to aid in our expansion efforts. New agents will be critical to our growth in the transportation management industry.

Our Pledge to Our Agents:

  1. Opportunity – We will limit the number of agents in the field. No confusing account approval process or cumbersome territory restrictions.
  2. We will help you strengthen your bond with your contacts and grow your accounts. We understand that it is your Word and Reputation on the line when you represent us.
  3. We will strive to provide you with innovative and fresh products to offer your customers.
  4. We will offer personalized support for product placement, quoting, invoicing and collections.
  5. We will provide competitive rates your customers will be excited about.
  6. We will exceed the compensation standards in the industry. Our Freight Agents earn the highest commissions in the industry, with weekly paid commissions of up to 40% of net profit and guaranteed fast payouts.
Once aboard, each of our agents is aligned to a transportation specialist. The specialist is tasked with providing the highest level of support of any agent network. The support includes, but is not limited to: rate quotes, tracking, invoicing, and product alignment. This individualized support maximizes the agent’s effectiveness, thus the overall success of the program. In return, agents must uphold the exceptional standards that ShipTransportal guarantees. All agents are expected to have reliable internet access, a strong understanding of market rates, and perform with integrity, honesty and professionalism. Agents are expected to command greater than $300,000 in annual revenue from existing clients.

Apply to be an Agent

  • Please enter years of experience as a broker or transportation sales.
    What area of transportation do you have most experience selling in?