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Customer Testimonials

Finding an expert in the transportation field to control the cost was critical to us. I would highly recommend Michael to any company looking to improve their transportation service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce their overall logistics costs.

Ric Cobb, VP Global Logistics,
BSN Medical

This past month and quarter was one of the largest shipping periods we have had this year. Everything was executed flawlessly. Your team came through late in the day Friday and resolved some key freight issues our customers exposed us to and helped Special Metals exceed our commitments. Thanks to everyone for an excellent job done.

Rick Pedersen, Materials Managers and FCO Special Metals

It is a pleasure to work with the Shiptransportal team. They supply excellent customer service and are always available to answer questions or track a shipment in a quick timely fashion. Thank you for all of your support.

Troy Supplee, Director of Supply Chain,

“Great Successful Project”, “Great Documentation”, “Launched on Time”, “Web Based”, “Definitely up to date”, “Overall, Very Responsive”

Jevon Cliffgard, Business Systems Analyst Manager,
San Jamar

Once set up, Hands Off and Stress Free… Total add Value.

Katrina Matt, Warehouse Supervisor,
San Jamar

Teresa looks into the Crystal Ball for me and help me plan the future. She is always there to help even when sometimes it is not even your load (INCO Terms). You have always been able to get us some last-minute load moves because everyone knows we have Customers that need product to keep their lines up and running overnight and weekends.

Mike McRee, Receiving Coordinator, FiberLine

“Fantastic company to workwith”. “They are always on top of everything we ask for and I could not imagine anyone better nor could I ever accept anything less from anyone else”. “Proud to say that Teresa, really knows it all”!

Mitchell Cha, Inside Sales,
Special Metals

ShipTransportal was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Every day I knew what was coming and what was not. I do look forward to dealing with again.

Schaefer Systems, End Customer

You are the best!!    That’s it…  Just wanted to tell you that I appreciate all you do and in my eyes, you are the best out there! 

Travis Plunket, Customer Service Rep, P&R Specialty