Carrier Invoice Inquiry

Interested in learning the status of your invoice? Although we no longer handle these inquiries via telephone, our website makes checking the status of your invoices easier. Follow the below steps: 1) Click the button below to login to ShipTransportal’s Transportation Management System.

TMS Login

2) Login using the following ID and password:

Login ID: Freight Password: Bills

3) Click on “Invoice Status Lookup.” 4) Enter your invoice number in the box next to “=” then click “Use.” 5) If you want to check another invoice, click on “Back to Report Selection.*If a login screen does not appear, make sure to check your popup blocker on your browser and allow popups for this website. The website will: 1) Confirm the invoice has been received and entered. 2) Confirm the invoice amount by providing a variance if the invoice amount is incorrect. 3) Provide a check number. 4) Provide the date (check date) that the check will be mailed.

How To Check Carrier Invoice Status Video

All inquiries will require your invoice number. Make sure you type it in without any spaces. If your invoice is not in the system, please provide at least 14 days for the invoice to reach us and be entered into the system before inquiring again. We will respond to all other inquiries ON THURSDAY of each week.