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How Software Solutions Can Make Your Shipping Process Turn Key

Written by Mike Osborne on . Posted in transportation-solutions

Nowadays, discovering optimal shipping processes is only the first step towards developing the best possible shipping logistics solutions. The rise of computing software has left few areas of business untouched and shipping is no exception. In fact in many cases, software applications are what allow a sound logistics strategy to be executed.

Shipping Compliance and Regulation: Why It’s Important to Do Your Research

Written by Mike Osborne on . Posted in transportation-solutions

Understanding the regulations and customs requirements surrounding international shipping is the only way to move freight across borders in a safe, legal way. When you consider the ramifications of non-compliance, this knowledge becomes vital to any company that imports or exports goods. That is why researching regulations is so important. Not only does achieving an […]

The Ramifications of Non-Compliance

Written by Mike Osborne on . Posted in transportation-solutions

Businesses that ship internationally run the risk of encountering regulatory restrictions and customs issues. Most businesses that fail to comply with the rules of shipping over borders do so because of ignorance, rather than a willful attempt to circumvent the rules. Sadly, a lack of knowledge regarding the rules does not excuse non-compliance, and non-compliance […]

Why Partial Truckloads Benefit You

Written by Mike Osborne on . Posted in Third Party Logistics

The most recognized modes of shipping are parcel, less than truckload (LTL), and full truckload (FTL). But beyond these selections is a less-known option — the partial truckload (PTL). This option is sometimes available for shipments requiring between 12 and 30 lineal ft. Though PTL is building a reputation as a viable shipping method, only a handful […]