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“Logistically Possible”

ShipTransportal is a logistics company that specializes in providing superior transportation management solutions and was voted as one of Top 20 Most Promising Logistics Consultancy Companies of 2013 by the CIO Review. Focusing on consultation and operational improvements, ShipTransportal utilizes industry-specific strategies to deliver unsurpassed customer value. Our tried and true methods leverage industry expertise and key alliances to help our clients make money, save money or add value to their organizations by enhancing the efficiency of their supply chain. Through our commitment to problem-solving, we guarantee our ability to make all of your shipping needs “logistically possible.”

Under the direction of President Michael Osborne, ShipTransportal has been able to differentiate from our competitors by developing transportation strategies that improve service and quality and reduce long-term costs, rather than hunting down the best contracts available at a given time. This method typically reduces overall transportation spending by 5-15%, streamlines procedures, and delivers timely results. Due to the variety of clients ShipTransportal serves, we customize individual strategies to best serve the specific goals of a client’s business. ShipTransportal’s innovative, full-spectrum approach to improving transportation practices is the basis of our reputation as a critical resource for any organization looking to improve the effectiveness of its logistics. ShipTransportal’s strategy is based on fostering a robust network of quality employees, key alliances, and strong partnerships that maintain a customer-oriented focus at all times.

Tip From the Experts

Considering a new carrier? Review of carrier safety ratings on a regular basis is one criteria when considering the addition of a new carrier.

ShipTransportal was recently designated a “supplier of excellence” by the nation’s largest phone media company. In the coming years, we will focus on advancing our presence as a leading logistics provider in the health care, printed product and general commodity industries. At ShipTransportal, we are supported by years of experience, a depth of industry knowhow, and superior commitment to producing results. ShipTransportal has become one of the most trusted and reputable shipping management solutions providers in the U.S.

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Customer Testimonials:

“I would highly recommend Michael to any company looking to improve their transportation service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce their overall logistics costs.”

– Ric Cobb with BSN Medical

“Shiptransportal sin dudas es una de las mejores opciones que se pueden encontrar en el mercado Americano.”

– Eduardo V with CBX Global

“What can I say? Another Outstanding Year and Recipient of Supplier of Excellence.”

– Carolyn Millsaps with Supermedia

“ Hands Off and stress free”…”Total add Value!”

– Katrina M with San Jamar