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As founder of ShipTransportal, Michael Osborne has accrued over two decades of experience in the shipping industry and is recognized as a logistics expert. Michael and his talented team of agents, carriers, and employees pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and efficiency oriented results via the best in class processes they have built. ShipTransportal’s success is largely the result of Michael’s combination of hands on operational experience and deep industry knowledge. Michael graduated from Furman University with a BA in 1992 and immediately began working as a Logistics Specialist at C.H. Robinson Company, a leading 3PL provider. He was responsible for office operations and sales for North America. Here he experienced a plethora of success by providing creative solutions to his rapidly growing customer base. While in this role he decided to further his education and obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Strategic Management from Wake Forest University in 1999. Upon graduating he joined Ernst and Young as a Senior Consultant. In this role he performed logistics related process analysis, software assessments and implementation methods for numerous fortune 50 companies as well as for GE, Ceva Logistics, FedEx Logistics and XPL (DHL Services). Michael’s unique background as a successful operations/sales person for a leading global 3PL and strategic thought leader for a top consulting firm, convinced him to try his luck as an entrepreneur. In 2006 Michael Osborne created ShipTransportal, a logistics management company that focuses on providing improved service and reduced costs for its customer base, currently offering freight negotiations, freight bill audit and pay, and trucking services. Sales at ShipTransportal have now grown to $10MM since 2008. ShipTransportal has been recognized for delivering superior service and is considered by many of its customers as the “go to” company when execution really counts.  Their specialties include: LLP services, project management, 3PL process design, logistics outsourcing, freight management as well as contract negotiation for all transportation modes; TL, LTL, AIR, OCEAN, PARCEL, and TL. Michael’s logistics operations and systems implementation background have led to the development of unique solutions for customers such as BSN medical, SuperMedia, and Continental Tire that have generated millions of dollars in savings for his clients. ShipTransportal also used their established standards for the “Design”, “Build”, and ”Operate” phases of a CGEY hosted logistics solution for FedEx that was forecasted to exceed $50MM in annual revenues. The company has also been recognized as the primary contributor to the most successful product rollout in Energizer’s history via simultaneous customer delivery using “virtual moving” warehouses. Michael’s experiences and knowledge are combined to create a unique perspective on logistics and transportation management, and is at the core of ShipTransportal’s vision, mission and values. In the future he hopes to expand the company’s services and product base. He is committed to a cutting edge approach that provides optimal shipping solutions for their clients.

Customer Testimonials:

“I would highly recommend Michael to any company looking to improve their transportation service, increase customer satisfaction and reduce their overall logistics costs.”

– Ric Cobb with BSN Medical

“Shiptransportal sin dudas es una de las mejores opciones que se pueden encontrar en el mercado Americano.”

– Eduardo V with CBX Global

“What can I say? Another Outstanding Year and Recipient of Supplier of Excellence.”

– Carolyn Millsaps with Supermedia

“ Hands Off and stress free”…”Total add Value!”

– Katrina M with San Jamar